How to Recover Deleted or Unsaved Powerpoint on Mac?

It’s a headache for people to rescue a powerpoint file from Mac. You stay up all night to piece together the perfect presentation but only to find it is gone the next morning. No matter how you frantically search for the File Explorer, you still cannot find your precious powerpoint file. Actually, powerpoint file recovery is not as hard as you think. Here, we cover some feasible ways to help recover deleted or unsaved powerpoint on Mac.


recover deleted or unsaved powerpoint on Mac


Common reasons for powerpoint file deletion on Mac


  • Press Shift + Delete key to delete powerpoint files
  • Empty the trash
  • Inadvertently erasing a drive or volume that contain powerpoint file
  • Bad sectors on the physical storage medium
  • Employ a disk cleaner app to delete unused files


How to Recover Deleted or Unsaved Powerpoint on Mac?


Now that you have know the common reasons fro powerpoint file deletion, it’ stime to know how to recover deleted or unsaved powerpoint on Mac. Thankfully, there is a couple of feasible ways to recover deleted or unsaved powerpoint on Mac. Try the following methods and see what works for you.


Recover Deleted powerpoint from Trash


When you delete a powerpoint file on Mac, it is moved to the Trash. You just need to open the Trash, right click the file and choose “Put Back” to recover the powerpoint file on Mac.


Recover Deleted Powerpoint with Backup


If you are in the good habit of taking regular backup of files on online storage services, you can recover deleted powerpoint files on Mac through backups. Time Machine is a Mac utility to back up an files onto an external hard drive. If you have enabled this feature, you can recover powerpoint easily.


Step 1. Go to Finder > Application, run Time Machine

Step 2. Go to Finder > All My Files and find the deleted powerpoint files

Step 3. Click Restore to recover deleted powerpoint on Mac


Recover Deleted Powerpoint using RecoveryMaster


If you still cannot recover deleted powerpoint even you have trired all above-mentioned methods, you can choose a third-party powerpoint recovery software. As long as the powerpoint files has not been overwritten by new data, you still can recover deleted or lost powerpoint on Mac.


RecoveryMaster will be a good choice for you as it works perfectly to recover files such as Microsoft Office Powerpoint/Excel/Word files, pictures, video, audio, etc. From your local computer hard drives and other external storage devices. It fully supports Mac OS 10.15- 10.9. You can download and install its free trial version to give it a try. Then follow the below guide to recover your deleted powerpoint files.


Step 1. Select the disk where you lost powerpoint files and click Scan

Step 2. Select and preview the file you want to recover


recover your deleted powerpoint files



Step 3. Click Recover to get powerpoint files back and save them to another secure location


With RecoveryMaster, you can recover deleted powerpoint files on Mac with a few simple clicks. It finish a quick scanning process in a few seconds in most data recovery situations. And you can tailor the scan for the type of data loss that has occurred.


Recover Unsaved Powerpoint Using AutoRecover


Powerpoint has a built-in feature called AutoSave that automatically save a temporary powerpoint copy on a periodic basis. It is turned on by default and the default save interval 10 minutes. Before you use this method to recover unsaved powerpoint, you should make sure that AutoRecover feature is enabled.


Steps to recover unsaved powerpoint on Mac(Office 2008/2011)


Step 1. Go to Finder


Recover Unsaved Powerpoint Using AutoRecover


Step 2. Press Shift + Command + H key to open Library folder and go to: /Application Support/ Microsoft/Office/Office 2011 AutoRecovery

Step 3. Find the unsaved powerpoint file on Mac, copy to desktop and rename, then open with Office Powerpoint, save it.


Steps to recover unsaved powerpoint on Mac(Office 2016/2018)


Step 1. Go to Mac desktop, go to Go > Go to Folder

Step 2. Enter the path: /Users/Library/Containers/com.Microsoft.Powerpoint/Data/Libarary/Preferences/AutoRecovery


Recover Unsaved Powerpoint from Temporary File


If you don’t enable AutoSave feature in your Office Powerpoint or couldn’t find the unsaved powerpoint files by following above method, you can check your temporary file. With any luck, you can find and recover unsaved powerpoint on Mac.


Step 1. Go to Finder > Applications > Terminal

Step 2.Type“open $TMPDIR” and hit Enter to continue. You will be directed to the TMP folder that used to keep files temporarily.




Step 3. Find and open the “TemporaryItems”folder

Step 4. Locate your unsaved file and save it to your desktop and rename the file


Tips to Avoid Losing Powerpoint File


When working on a presentation on powerpoint, you’d better manually save your work as often as possible to avoid losing powerpoint file. Alternatively, you can use the AutoSave feature to automatically save changes in real-time to cloud storage.




We’ve highlighted common reasons for the powerpoint files deletion and feasible ways to recover deleted or unsaved powerpoint files on Mac in this article. Therefore, you can follow the step-by-step instructions to recover unsaved powerpoint files and get deleted files back by using RecoveryMaster data reocvery software. Its intuitive interface, powerful scanning modules, high recovery quality and efficient search features makes it stand out from the rest.