What is the best commercially available data recovery software?

Data recovery software is essential as it can retrieve your important document, email, videos and other types of files from any data loss situation. However, one can get overwhelmed while choosing the best commercially available data recovery software due to plenty of options available on the market. To assist you in making right decision, we’ve put together a list of the best data recovery software.

Spot the best commercial data recovery software

  1. RecoveryMaster(Windows&Mac)

RecoveryMaster is a powerful data recovery software that can be used for both individuals and commercial use. It is a comprehensive application that can recover your lost, deleted or formatted data from various storage media including hard drive, USB drive, memory card, digital camera, HDD/SSD, etc. It applies to various data loss situations like accidental deletion, hard drive failure, formatting, system crash, partition loss, virus attack, etc. You’ll be able to recover different formats of graphic, document, video, audio, email.

soouya RecoveryMaster


  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Easy to use
  • Create bootable recovery disk
  • Filter specific file type
  • Preview recoverable file before recovery
  • Recover deleted files in over 1000 file formats
  • Free trial version


  • Upgrade to standard version for unlimited data
  1. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro(Windows&Mac)

EaseUS is a feature-rich data recovery tool that can be used to restore data in many different situations. It can help you recover from system crash, virus attack and accidental data deletion. You can perform data recovery in various types of storage device like PC, laptop, hard drive, digital camera, video player, etc.

EaseUS Data Recovery



  • Time-consuming deep scan
  1. Stellar Data Recovery(Windows&Mac)

Stellar Data Recovery is one of the most popular data recovery service for businesses. Its simple design makes it easy to recover photos, video and audio files. The platform comes with several scan options, meaning you can tailor the scan for the type of data loss that has occurred. It is capable of recovering data from internal and external hard drive, memory card, flash drives and optical media like CDs and DVDs.

Stellar Data Recovery


  • User-friendly interface
  • Three scan preview options
  • Create sector-by-sector disk images


  • Support limited file formats
  • No free data recovery with the trial version
  1. Recuva Recovery Tool(Windows)

Recuva is a reliable and commercial data recovery software which supports all versions of Windows. It is a useful tool for recovering deleted data from a wide variety of storage devices. It enables you to restore data from lost or formatted partition.

Recuva Recovery Tool


  • Support virtual hard drive
  • Deep scan
  • Quick start wizard for a speedy recovery


  • Limited raw photo capabilities
  1. MiniTool Power Data Recovery(Windows&Mac)

MiniTool Power Data Recovery can be used to restore files on Windows and Mac computers. It is a flexible tool that allows you to recover data from various data loss situations. It supports recovery on may device types including digital cameras, flash drives and music players.

MiniTool Power Data Recovery


  • Recover deleted files in many file formats
  • Fast scanning speed
  • Preview files before recovery
  • Scan damaged DVDs and CDs


  • Poor preview functionality

How does data recovery work?

When you delete a file, it is moved to the recycle bin. The system makes it inaccessible and invisible, and marks its space as available for new data. However, a binary file is still available on the computer. The file remains available until it gets overwritten by another file. Parts of the file might remain on the hard drive for several years. If the deleted file gets partially overwritten by another file then the data recovery software will not be able to recover the file and provide you with usable data. Best data recovery software should support various storage media and file structures and thereby should be able to recover files from all types of storage media.

Are data recovery software safe?

Generally, using data recovery software is safer than undertaking a physical data recovery that involves opening your hard drive and removing internal parts. Using software is normally the first step panicking users take when encountered data loss, and while they are many great data recovery programs out there, you should still exercise caution when using them. If you install and run the software on the disk you’re attempting to recover data from, it’s possible that you could permanently lose your data due to the data being overwritten. You can install the software to an external storage device like a USB drive or portable hard drive.


When faced with data loss, using a professional data recovery software is the best solution. All of the software mentioned above can perform data recovery to a certain extent. We recommend RecoveryMaster for its ease of use, ability to perform deep scan, and security. You can successfully recover data with a few simple clicks.