How to track a cheating boyfriend by cell phone?

Long gone are those days when you need to hire a private detective to find out what your boyfriend is hiding. Technological progress has taken the ability to keep tabs on the people you care about to the next level. You do not have to endure lies when you are sure he is probably cheating. All it takes to track a cheating boyfriend is the in-built GPS module on your smartphone. Let’s take a closer look at those brilliant ways that help with location tracking.

How to track my boyfriend’s phone location for free?

Whether you have an Android or iOS device, you can permanently share your real-time location with your boyfriend and have him does the same for you. If you are Android users, you can find where your boyfriend are located at any time using the Google Maps app or by visiting the website. For iOS users, Find My application is a great option to track your boyfriend’s phone location for free.

Share location through Google Maps

Before you share location with boyfriend, you both need to have a Google account and be in one another’s contact list. If you visit location sharing feature on the website, you can only view the location that have been shared with you. Here’s how you can enable location sharing on your boyfriend’s mobile phone.

  • Launch Google Maps app. Note that you have to sign into the account.
  • Tap the hamburger menu at the top left
  • Select Location Sharing > Add People
  • Choose how long you would like to share your location for.
  • Tap Select People
  • Type the email address of the person you want to share your location with

Once the process is completed, you will be able to see the real time location of your boyfriend in Google Maps. Or you can tap the Request button in your own program to have your boyfriend share his location. It offers peace of mind and you can feel kind of secure about knowing you can find him if something were wrong.


Share Location through Find My

Find My is a combination of Find My Friends and Find My iPhone. It is a sort of catch-all placed on your iOS device that you can find your boyfriend or someone else’s location. Simply follow the steps to keep track of people you care about.

  • Open Find My app on target device
  • Tap the Me tab at the bottom of the screen
  • Drag up the Me card onto the screen with a swipe of your finger to reveal all options
  • Make sure the toggle switch next to Share My Location is enabled
  • Tap Name This Location to mark the whereabouts as Home, Work, School or Gym
  • Tap the People tab
  • Tap Share My Location to add a specific contact with whom you want to share location, then type in their phone number/address and hit Send

Can I track my boyfriend’s phone without installing software?

Thanks to advancement in technology, specialized location tracking solutions allow you to track boyfriend’s cell phone location remotely without installing any software. As you can see, the enormous reverse phone number lookup tool and phone number tracker are available on the market. One can access to them and get location information without having to install anything.


How to track my boyfriend by phone number?

By taking the assistance of some online websites or your network provider, you will get accurate GPS location of your boyfriend’s smartphone. In particular, Phone Locator lets you track someone by cell phone number. It works with just about any device or cell phone carrier. You will receive notifications of his location on your chosen interval. The location is shown as a pin on the interactive map that you can drag down to street level.


Can I track my boyfriend without him knowing?

Yes, some secret location tracking apps are available for determining the location of any Android phone or iPhone across the world. You also can choose to enable location permanently on Google Maps. Then it will stay you updated about your boyfriend’s location without him knowing. Bear in mind that only share location with trusted contacts.


Closing thoughts

Excellent ways to keep track of your boyfriend’s phone location are covered in this simple guide. Google Maps or Find My app is a reliable way to pinpoint your boyfriend’s cell phone location that helps promote mutual trust and enhance communication. Our top pick is phone number tracker as it offers an easy way to find your boyfriend’s accurate phone location. Don’t let someone cheat on you while you keep quiet!