How to Recover Permanently Deleted Files from SD Cards in Windows

At least once in a lifetime, we have experienced the uncomfortable and nerve-wracking situation of accidentally deleting photos, videos, music, and files that were supposed to be secured in our SD cards, there are also times in which we accidentally format the SD card and feel absolutely devastated and not knowing what to do, could’ve been a missclick, could’ve been simply bad luck. You might be thinking there isn’t a way of recovering these files back since they were stored in the SD card, you couldn’t make a copy of them in your computer before accidentally losing the data. Well, there is a way to recover deleted photos, music, videos, files, basically all your data from your SD card in Windows.


For this, you are going to need just one tool, a data recovery software. A data recovery software is basically a program that will help you find, restore, and recover your lost files, in just a couple of clicks. There are many data recovery software you can download online. But today, we will introduce you to the best program to recover all your deleted files for Windows.


It’s called RecoveryMaster, this is a professional and 100% reliable data recovery software. This program will help you to recover unlimited data in Windows. It offers a 100% security with high recovery rate, it will help you recover files in all forms, photos, videos, music, documents, even compressed files, essentially, you will recover any file from your SD cards. This program works wonders in Windows but is also available for Mac users.


RecoveryMaster is the perfect option for those who accidentally deleted any file, formatted an SD card, and can even recover data from the recycle bin. Sometimes we have to use our SD cards in various locations which means they can suffer a virus attack at any moment, in consequence, we will have corrupted files that we can’t use or open anymore. RecoveryMaster has the answer to that, this amazing program recovers all data the was damaged, deleted, or corrupted by a virus attack.


This software is extremely easy to use as well. Once you lost your files from your SD card, the first thing you need to do is to download and install RecoveryMaster, you can do it for free or buy better plans offering more options and functions for recovery of data. The second step is to open the software, there you will see your computer’s hard disk drives and your external drives, this is where your SD card is. Next, select your SD card and here you will have two options, loss scan, and formatted scan, select the one that goes well with your case. After this, the software will scan and show you the files you deleted, simply pick the ones you want, and click recover, and that’s it! As simple as that.


If you thought your files were deleted forever then now you can breathe and relax, using Soouya RecoveryMaster, a data recovery software that has all the tools to recover any kind of file under any circumstances, you won’t be afraid again of accidentally deleting something from your SD card.