How to recover deleted word documents Windows 10?

Imagine this: you are doing some forms of cleaning for the computer. You select a cluster of documents and delete them. Later you realize that you make some mistakes. Your important word document are gone no matter how you frantically search for it. Don’t worry, you still can recover deleted word documents with the right tools. Read on and find out how to restore deleted or unsaved word documents on Windows 10.

recover deleted word documents

Recover deleted word documents from recycle bin

If you have accidentally deleted your word document, the first place you should look for is the recycle bin. Generally, when you delete a file by pressing delete key, it will be moved to recycle bin where it remains there for 30 days. After that, the file will be permanently deleted, you would need a reliable and professional data recovery tool to get back your word document. To restore deleted word document from recycle bin, you should follow these steps:

Step 1. Go to recycle bin

Step 2. Select the document you wish to recover

Step 3. Right-click on the document and click Restore

When the process is completed, the document will return to its original location. However, if you deleted the document using the Shift + Del key, the document would be permanently deleted. You should turn to a data recovery software for a quick word document recovery in case of permanent deletion.

Recover deleted word documents with data recovery software

If you fail to get back the deleted word documents from recycle bin, you may try a easy-to-use and professional data recovery software such as RecoveryMaster. Whether you’ve lost or deleted documents, emails, videos, photos or audio files, you can quickly retrieve them using this tool. It is a user-friendly tool that works in all data loss situations such as accidental deletion, virus attack, formatting, hard drive failure, partition loss. It can recover hundreds of file formats from PC, laptop, external hard drive, HDD/SSD.

To recover deleted word documents on Windows 10, you should follow these steps:

Step 1. Download and install RecoveryMaster

Step 2. Select the drive and click Scan to continue


Step 3. Select and preview the document you wish to recover


Step 4. Click Recover to get back your document and store it to another secure location

Just a few simple clicks, you can easily recover your deleted word document. No technical skill or professional knowledge is required during recovery process. It accesses your data through read-only and protects them from being leaked.

Restore unsaved word documents from temporary files

It’s not uncommon that you closed the Word application accidentally without saving the document you had been working for hours. This situation will happen over time, but keep calm, you can retrieve your unsaved word document from temporary files. Just follow these steps:

Step 1. Open a Word document file and click File Tab

Step 2. Click Info > Manage Versions > the drop-down list

Step 3. Select Recover Unsaved Documents. The list of all unsaved documents will show on the screen

Step 4. Select the file you wish to recover and click open

Step 5. The file will open with a warning message “This is a recovered file that is temporarily stored on your computer”

Step 6. Click “Save as” to save the word document

Search for AutoRecover Files

Another way to recover unsaved word document is by using the AutoRecover feature of Microsoft Word. Here is a step-by-step instructions to get your unsaved word document back:

Step 1. On the file menu, click Options. In the left navigation pane, click “Save”. Copy the address next to AutoRecover file location and paste it into File Explorer.

Step 2: Go to the File Explorer, find the unsaved document and copy the .asd file.

Step3. Open the Word, click “File” > “Open” > “Recover Unsaved Documents” at the bottom.

Step 4. Paste the copied .asd file into the File Name box. Open the Word file

Step 5. Go to file > Info > Save As to store the document

Step 6. Choose a different location or drive to store the document

Recover with Document Recovery

One more possible situation is that the computer suddenly crashed and the word document hasn’t saved. All you need to do is re-open the Word document, the file would appear on the left side of Document Recovery. Double click on the files, you can get the unsaved word document back.

Final thought

Most of us have encountered the situation of word document deletion. Luckily, there are several feasible ways to recover deleted word document on Windows 10. With RecoveryMaster, whether your word document was deleted, encrypted by malware or corrupted when it was saved on a faulty partition, you can recover them easily with a few simple clicks.