How to Recover Data from MicroSD Memory Card?

Lost your valuable data from a microSD card? No need to worry any more ! We will tell you some easiest ways to recover SD card data in no time. So, keep reading and thanks us later!


Before beginning with the ways to recover lost data, check for any other issue with your card. The reason is, many times the device fails to read the SD card due to certain issues with drivers and incompatibility of the device.


In these kinds of situations, try using a different card reader or simply check if the SD card works on another computer.


Check If Your SD card Is Write-protected?


If your SD card is write-protected, then you will not be able to access your photos, videos and other files. Therefore, try disabling the write-protection and check if you can access the data. If yes, then you’re good otherwise you need to perform data recovery.


Here are some of the easiest ways using which you will be able to fix the microSD card and recover your valuable data.


5 Best Methods For SD Card Recovery


#1 Unhide The Hidden Files on Your Corrupt SD card


Sometimes, when the SD card is connected to a virus-infected system, the virus hides all the data including photos, videos and other files in the media. The size of the disk may remain unchanged but all the files become hidden or marked as “read-only”.


Here are the steps you need to perform to recover the hidden files from your SD card :


# Connect SD cards to your PC, go to Windows Explorer and navigate to Tools > Folder options> View Check within the ‘Show Hidden Files, Folders and Drives option.

# Uncheck the hide protection option.

# Hit OK.


By now, you will be able to access all your videos, photos, and audio files residing in the card.


#2 Run chkdsk Command to Determine The Card Errors


Another thing you can do is, try running the chkdsk command to check for the possible disk errors. For this, connect the corrupted SD card to the computer using a card reader and follow the below steps :


# Open the command-line interface by typing “cmd” in the search box and choose Run as administrator.

# On the command window, type “chkdsk” command followed by the drive letter on which your SD card is mounted again followed by a colon and /f. (for example : chkdsk C: /f)

# Press Enter and then, all the errors will be shown on the black screen. Follow the prompted messages to fix those errors.


#3 Try Reinstalling The SD Card Driver


Follow the below steps to reinstall the SD card driver :


# Go to My Computer and select the Manage option by right-clicking on it.

# Go to the Device Manager option and then double click on the Disk Drives.

# Select the name of your driver and click Uninstall.

# Click OK.

# Now, remove your memory card and restart your system.

# Connect the SD card again. It will be detected by this time.


#4 Use Windows Troubleshooter


Most of the time, Windows Troubleshooter itself fixes a number of hardware and driver related issues. Here is how you can do this :


# Connect the affected card to PC.

# Go to Settings> Update & Security > Troubleshoot

# Click on Hardware and Devices and simply run the troubleshooter.

# Now, restart your PC and the issues will be fixed.


#5 Try The SD Card Recovery Tool


Use the SD card recovery tool and recover your files and folders, this method is the simplest and safest. For this, visit Soouya official website and either look for the recovery software or contact the customer care.


That’s all about it. Hope it helps!