How to Recover and Repair Deleted GoPro Videos & Photos

The GoPro camera helps us capture breathtaking moments. It is increasingly popular among people who want to travel and remember critical moments with a camera. However, since it is a digital device, it may sometimes go into error and make your memorable photos and videos deleted. But don’t be disheartened, there are still ways to recover, and repair deleted GoPro videos and photos. In this ultimate guide, check out how to get back your photos and videos from GoPro.

Quick Access How to Recover GoPro Videos and Photos

In different situations, the ways to recover deleted or corrupted GoPro videos and photos are varied. Check the common causes and appropriate solutions below to quickly target the method suitable for your situation right now.

Causes Solutions 
The GoPro videos or photos are hidden or lost. Try to recover them with CMD (Redirect to Method 1 below).
The GoPro videos or photos are deleted from your GoPro SD card. Try to recover them using Windows File Recovery (Redirect to Method 2 below).
The GoPro videos or photos are deleted but backed up in the GoPro Plus before. Try to restore from the GoPro Plus (Redirect to Method 3 below).
The GoPro videos or photos are permanently deleted from your GoPro SD card. Try to use the dedicated video recovery software (Redirect to Method 4 below).
The GoPro videos or photos are corrupted. Try to use GoPro SOS to fix the corrupted files (Turn to “How to Repair Corrupted GoPro Videos”).

4 Methods to Recover Deleted GoPro Videos and Photos

For those accidentally deleted GoPro videos and photos, there are several solutions to retrieve them. In the following guide, we provide 4 methods to recover deleted GoPro files in detail. Keep scanning and try to retrieve your GoPro videos or photos.

Method 1. Recover Deleted GoPro Videos and Photos with CMD

The attrib line command prompt is the most widely used one. You can use this command to retrieve hidden and lost files from an SD card or other external hard drive that may have been corrupted by a virus. See how to recover deleted GoPro videos and photos with the CMD command.

Step 1. Connect the GoPro SD card to your computer with a card reader.

Step 2. Press the Win + R keys, type cmd, and press Enter to open the Command Prompt window as an administrator.

Step 3. Press Enter after typing chkdsk E: /f. (Substitute the drive letter E for the one from which you lost the files or data.) To proceed, type Y and press Enter.

Step 4. Type E: and press Enter once more. (Substitute the drive letter E for the one from which you lost the files or data.)

Step 5. Type in attrib -h -r -s. Using E:\*.* /s /d, press Enter. (Substitute the drive letter E for the one from which you lost the files or data.)

recover lost gopro video with cmd

This method is suitable for showing those hidden or lost GoPro videos. If your video is permanently removed from the GoPro SD card, please turn to Method 4: Recover GoPro videos with video recovery software.

Method 2. Recover GoPro Videos with Windows File Recovery

If your GoPro video is deleted from the GoPro SD card, you can try to use the Windows File Recovery tool to retrieve it. It is a free tool that helps users recover deleted files from storage drives. To do so, follow these steps:

Step 1. Connect your GoPro SD card to your computer and make sure your computer can recognize it successfully.

Step 2. Search for Windows File Recovery and Install it from the Microsoft Store.

install windows file recovery from microsoft store

Step 3. In the File Explorer, right-click the SD card and select Properties to check the file system of the SD card.

Step 4. Input commands according to your file system and loss scenarios to target the deleted file.

Method 3. Restore GoPro Video from GoPro Plus Backup

GoPro users can back up their images and videos from any kind of GoPro camera, using the cloud storage service GoPro Plus. Your videos are automatically uploaded to GoPro Plus only if your HERO5 or later model is plugged into a wall charger and connected to Wi-Fi. If you have subscribed to the service, you can access deleted GoPro videos from cloud storage. To recover deleted GoPro videos and photos from GoPro Plus Backup, follow these steps:

Step 1. Open your GoPro Plus account via the web browser, the GoPro mobile app, or Quik on your desktop. 

Step 2. From there, you can watch and recover the deleted videos. 

Method 4. Recover GoPro Videos with Video Recovery Software

To recover deleted and lost GoPro videos, you can also ask dedicated GoPro video recovery software for help. This kind of tool allows you to retrieve those permanently deleted videos from your GoPro SD card. ONERECOVERY is a perfect choice in the market, for it is easy, powerful, and provides a high success rate of video recovery (nearly 95%). Along with its intuitive user interface, you can scan and target your GoPro videos effortlessly. Furthermore, it permits you to free-preview the video file, making your video recovery more accurate. Follow the instructions below to recover deleted GoPro videos with video recovery software.

How to recover deleted GoPro videos with ONERECOVERY

Step 1. Connect your GoPro SD card to your computer.

Step 2. Download and install ONERECOVERY software on your computer.

Step 3. Launch the GoPro video recovery software, select the drive, and scan.

Step 4. In the scanned results, filter videos and target the video you want to recover.

Step 5. Pick the video and press the recovery button to restore it to your computer.

Within these easy steps, you can successfully retrieve deleted GoPro videos. Also, by filtering the file type as Photo, you can recover those deleted GoPro photos.

How to Repair Corrupted GoPro Videos

What if your GoPro video is corrupted instead of deleted? Don’t worry, the inbuilt GoPro SOS may help you fix corrupted video files on SD cards. It is a default feature on your GoPro camera. Even though it isn’t always functional, it’s still worthwhile to try.

How to repair corrupted GoPro videos with GoPro SOS:

Step 1. Remove the SD card and battery from the camera and turn it off.

Step 2. Turn on the camera and insert the battery.

Step 3. Insert the SD card, wait for the recovery icon to appear, and then press any button.

For more detailed instructions according to different GoPro camera models, you can refer to:

Alternatively, you can make good use of ONERECOVERY. It leverages cutting-edge AI technology to repair your corrupted or damaged GoPro videos in minutes. With deep learning algorithm, ONERECOVERY can perform intelligent frame analysis to reconstruct visuals and synchronize audio. Whether it’s blurry, choppy, flickering, unplayable, this professional video repair & recovery tool can restore it to vivid 4K quality, ready for editing and sharing.

Tips to Protect GoPro Video

Reasons that may cause your GoPro videos lost or corrupted are various, such as the interrupted transfer of data, corrupted GoPro memory card, malicious virus infection, etc. To prevent your GoPro videos from being deleted and corrupted, you can do the following methods:

  1. Frequently backup your GoPro footage

Making a regular backup of your GoPro picture and video files is essential. Every time you take a shot, don’t forget to promptly copy or transfer your work from your camera to your PC.

  1. Remove malware and viruses from the camera and PC.

We all know that when you connect your GoPro camera or SD card to your computer, it becomes infected with viruses or spyware as well.

  1. Fix a malfunctioning memory card

Don’t panic if your memory card fails or becomes corrupted and the GoPro camera is unable to recognize it. To try to fix it, you could take it out of the camera, put it into your computer, and try formatting it (back up data beforehand).

  1. Recognize the uninterrupted file transfer between your PC and camera.

Additionally, it’s important to ensure that there are no interruptions during the file transfer process between your PC and GoPro camera.

FAQ on GoPro Video and Photo Recovery

Can I recover deleted videos from the GoPro Quick App

Yes, you can recover deleted videos from the GoPro Quick App if you backed up those videos in GoPro Plus before. Just log into your account, view, and recover those deleted videos.

What Video Format Do GoPro Cameras Support?

Generally, GoPro cameras will save videos in MP4 or HEVC.

How to convert my GoPro video to MP4?

To convert the GoPro video to MP4, you can import the video to your computer through the GoPro SD card. Then try an online video format converter to transform the video to MP4.

The Bottom Line

In this guide, we explained how to recover and repair deleted GoPro videos. You can try to recover videos from your Windows system or use professional video recovery software to restore those permanently deleted videos from the GoPro SD card. You’d better back up those important GoPro videos to prevent them from being lost and accidentally deletion.