Can I recover a deleted video from an SD card?

Precious videos, photos, important documents are all kinds of files stored on SD card. Unfortunately, these files can get lost or deleted due to various reasons like SD card corruption, system crash, accidental deletion. However, with the right tool, it is still possible to recover deleted video from an SD card. Here we will share the feasible way to restore deleted videos from SD card, irrespective of how you have lost them. Let’s discuss it in details!

Check before recovering deleted videos on SD card

Before you start to recover deleted videos on SD card, make sure that your card is not write-protected. If you can read video files on an SD card but cannot view or save them, it’s probably that your SD card is write-protected. In this case, on the left side of the SD card, slide the switch up to unlock it.

If it doesn’t help, you can check the card reader. Sometimes, the SD card may not be accessible due to a faulty card reader. You can try with another SD card to check if the card reader is working or change the card reader.

Once you ensure that your SD card is not write-protected and the card reader is working find, then there is probably a logical issue with the SD card. Just follow the below methods to recover deleted videos from SD card.

How to recover deleted videos from SD card?

When a video file is deleted from an SD card, it is not permanently erased. It will keep intact until any read or write action is performed on the media. Thus, you’d better stop using the media if you find your video file gets lost or deleted. Please do not create, deleted, add any file to the SD card.

If you delete videos from SD card on your computer, you can go to recycle bin or trash to retrieve your files. All you need to do is open recycle bin, select and right-click on the desired video file. Finally, click restore to get video back. Alternatively, you can check if your have saved the video in any hard drive, cloud or other storage media. It is much easier for you to recover video from backup.

In case you don’t keep a copy of your videos, you should utilize a reliable data recovery software such as RecoveryMaster. The advanced algorithm of this recovery software scans for specific file information on the basis of file signature and reconstructs it in a recoverable format.

It supports the recovery of video from SD cards as well as other storage media like USB drive, HDD/SSD, digital camera, PC, laptop. You’ll be able to recover MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, FLV, MTS, etc. This software is available for both Mac and Windows systems and has proved to be successful in recovering videos from all kinds of video loss situations including formatting, accidental deletion, corruption or other SD card errors. Steps to recover deleted videos from SD card are as follows:

Step 1. Download and install RecoveryMaster

Step 2. Connect your SD card to the computer

Step 3. Launch the program, select the SD card and click “Scan”

Step 4. Select and preview the file you wish to recover

Step 5. Click “Recover” to retrieve your video

As you can see, everyone can restore deleted videos from SD card with a few simple clicks. You can recover videos of any file format and size without losing the original quality of your precious video. Moreover, it allows you to filter specific file type, pause and resume scans so as to reduce scanning time. This fantastic tool accesses your video through read-only and protect it from secondary damage.

How do I stop my SD card from corrupting?

There are various ways you can use to prevent and avoid SD card problems or corruptions, but that’s not to say that doing the opposite will guarantee one to occur.

  • Format a new card immediately
  • Format instead of “Deleting all”
  • Eject before pulling the card out of a reader
  • Don’t run batteries to the edge
  • Keep cards stored safely in a proper case
  • Try not to use the same card on multiple cameras


To avoid data loss, you’d better take regular backup and use your SD card properly. Even if you don’t take a backup or delete the video accidentally, you can download Soouya RecoveryMaster data recovery software and see how it works. It can help you recover deleted videos from SD card with a few simple clicks.